When children reach the toddler stage, they are offered a more structured play and learning environment with a wide variety of activities with encourage language development, social interaction, learning and discovery and confidence.

As our toddlers develop, so does their sense of identity and we strive to facilitate this precious growth by making every child feel loved and as though they belong.

This stage of life is where you will notice great change and development in your child’s self expression, storytelling ability and engagement with activities. We provide the children with age appropriate activities to meet all areas of their development through activities that will give each child a sense of exploration and independence.

You will be surprised at your toddler’s ability to engage in a curriculum with activities such as arts and crafts, baking, dress up and role play, story time, circle time, outdoor play, singing, dancing, vocabulary games, puzzles and experiments with water, sand, and play dough to name just a few which all facilitate the nurtured development from babies into young children.

We do a lot of group based activities to encourage the children to interact with each other and provide them with opportunities to develop social skills which is important at this early stage.

Sensory motor activities are also a central part to our toddler room as we believe it is important that our young learners explore through their senses.

Children are constantly learning and growing in everything they do. We introduce the children to numbers, letters, colors, shapes and days of the week as it is amazing how young toddlers soak up information even when they are still in nappies!

This fine balance of play, development, learning and care are taken into consideration on a daily basis and throughout out activity plans. At this time, we work closely with parents to facilitate toilet training in line with the home routine.

It is our goal to provide your toddler with a happy, caring and most importantly and enjoyable experience on a daily basis whilst ensuring we are also providing them with the learning experience they need to grow and become competent learners.

We follow the Aistear Curriculum in our baby/toddler room. Please see link to Aistear for more details about our daily routine.

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