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We consider ourselves very fortunate to have a Dunaree Childcare crèche located so close to us in Tyrrellspass. Our two year old grandson attends two mornings a week and really loves it as can be seen by the fact that when we go back to pick him up, he has to be bribed to get him to leave. The members of staff are wonderful and are just so good with the children. They have arranged a very nice programme of hands on activities and games, indoors and outdoors, which keep the children very much involved. All in all we are very pleased to have our grandson attend.

Dunaree Childcare aided the development of my daughter into a happy, confident and independent child who was prepared gradually to the introduction to school. This made the transition a joy. I cannot thank Dunaree Childcare enough for their on-going support, advice and caring environment.

 Kate Halliwell

Starting our son in Dunaree Childcare was one of the best decisions we have made. From day one all of the staff welcomed us with open arms and made us feel very comfortable even though my son was a little teary eyed for the first few visits he soon settled down when he saw the familiar faces of the girls and got a comforting hug. Over the last few months he has developed in a number of different ways socially, emotionally and physically. This can be credited to the wonderful care and attention he receives in Dunaree.

Mary McCormac

Our family have been involved with Dunaree Childcare for three years now. Our first child spent two years there and our second is going into his third year. During this time we’ve had an excellent experience with Dunaree. The staff are fantastic; they really get to know each child and their little ways. We have often taken on board the advice given to us by Mairead and her team and have seen vast improvements in the development of our boys over the years – educationally, behaviorally and socially. It’s great to have the backup of their knowledge and experience. Every day our son brings home artwork or baking which he has made during the day and he is very happy and proud to show and share these with us. When our first son left pre-school last year he received a little book from Vivienne which had photos of him and his friends, this was a lovely reminder for him of some of his time there which he still looks at often. Our children have had a great time, we have had a great experience and we will be sending our third child in September (and he can’t wait).

Fiona and Alex Welbin

Our two and a half year old daughter who is minded by the staff at Dunaree Childcare, Tyrrellspass has thrived during her time there. Everyday she looks forward to going in to see her pals as well as staff who have helped her development in so many ways. She has progressed in leaps and bounds in relation to all aspects of her learning, communication and social skills and has settled in to become friends with the other little kids there. We would like to acknowledge Mairead and all the staff at Dunaree for the very important job that they do and for the variety of activities in place to engage the childrens’ attention. Isa shows us her many works of art from the baking, painting and craft departments!

Catherine Hanlon

The love and affection oozes from teachers at Dunarees which really shines through in how happy the children are. The happy and relaxed environment created by Dunaree staff gives the children such security. The endless chatter and laughing that goes on when you collect the children truly shows how happy they are at Dunaree.  Staff in the toddler room are so loving and motherly, always going that extra mile for the children. As for Vivienne,  pre-school teacher, no amount of words could praise her highly enough. Dunaree is blessed with such beautifully natured and dedicated teachers and  I as a mother count my lucky stars each day that my children and I are so fortunate to have such an amazing school so near. It really is the gem stone on the crown. Well done and a very very heartfelt thanks once again,

Anne Marie O’ Neill