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Our babies are nurtured and cared for in our specially designed baby area in a homely loving environment. Infant development with appropriate stimulation underpins our care of young babies with activities such as sensory stimulation with different shapes, textures and colors, physical development, singing, nursery rhymes and introduction to messy play.

We encourage babies to engage in group based activities as much as possible to stimulate their early social skills and development while also ensuring your baby gets all the one to one care and attention they need. Close parent to staff communication is key at this time to facilitate seamless transfer of routine and a ‘get to know your baby’ form is completed before starting at Dunaree.

This form documents personal information about your baby such as their personality, mood, behavior, routine and what makes them smile so to facilitate smooth transition into the crèche environment. We provide you with a daily diary of your baby in their own book so that you know what they’ve eaten, how long they’ve slept, what they got up to that day and generally what kind of mood they’re in to ensure close communication.

At the very early stage, one to one care and attention is central to our care of your baby. We understand how it may seem difficult to leave your child at such a young age however with our one to one devotion, we strive to provide a home away from home and facilitate a seamless transition from the home environment.

Also in the early stages, close telephone communication at hourly intervals may be provided to reassure you about how your child is settling in.