Dunaree Childcare offers a range of learning opportunities to children, which are appropriate to the child’s stage of development. The service is fully committed to being guided by the principles of Síolta and the new curriculum framework Aistear.

We recognise how important high-quality early childhood experience can be in children’s lives. This Curriculum aims to encourage active learning, problem solving, effective communication, creativity and socialisation. It aims to give children a good start which will benefit their long-term success in life. Dunaree Childcare recognises the diversity of experiences and relationships that shape children’s lives. Dunaree Childcare is committed to offering the children in its care a comprehensive play based curriculum. This is combined with other good practice methods.

“Encouraging each child’s holistic development and learning requires the implantation of a verifiable, broad-based, documented and flexible curriculum or programme” Síolta – the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education

“Active learning, relationships, play, language, and meaningful experiences are priorities for supporting children’s early learning and development”. Aistear-The early Childhood Curriculum Framework.

At Dunaree Childcare we believe children learn best when they: – Participate in making decisions as much as possible

– Make choices and contribute to learning experiences

– Share their opinions and diverse experiences and discuss their learning

– Have positive role models within the staff team

– Learn in a responsive and supportive social environment

– Learn through multi-sensory experiences

– Participate actively in experiences that engage them emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially

Aistear is based on 12 principles of early learning and development. These are presented in three groups:

1. Children and their lives in early childhood:
– the child’s uniqueness
– equality and diversity
– children as citizens.

2. Children’s connections with others:
– relationships
– parents, family and community
– the adult’s role.

3. How children learn and develop:
– holistic learning and development
– active learning
– play and hands-on experiences
– relevant and meaningful experiences
– communication and language
– the learning environment.

Aistear also uses four themes that connect and overlap with each other to outline children’s learning and development. The themes are:
– Well-being
– Identity and Belonging
– Communicating
– Exploring and Thinking.

Each theme includes aims and broad learning goals for all children from birth to six years.


Dunaree Childcare is committed to being guided by the principles of Síolta – the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education

Síolta is designed to allow early childhood care and education (ECCE) settings to evaluate their level of quality provision and to determine the quality of the service they are providing.

Síolta does this by recognising elements of practice that are successful within the setting, as well as identifying aspects in need of attention and improvement. In this way, it acts as a tool to promote continuous quality improvement and planning.

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