After school / Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast club is an excellent opportunity for our older children at Dunaree to meet before school for a home from home breakfast experience and much appreciated social interaction time.

Each child is provided with a yummie hot breakfast with the breakfast menu changing daily allowing the children to explore many tastes arousing their senses.

Children have the opportunity to engage in free-play before we all leave for school. Children are brought to school by a member of staff and in the company of their friends. We sometimes have a sing-song along the journey to some of our favorite children’s songs.

Each child is escorted in to the door of the school with their hand held to ensure safety at all times and to give support and encouragement to some of our young school children. After school collections are also a great way for children to unwind with friends after a busy school day.

Each child receives a hot nutritious dinner (please see nutrition link for more information about our yummie dinners). We then get down to business with homework. A supportive, encouraging environment is created where each child is helped with their homework. When the homework is all completed, the fun begins again and the children enjoy free play and the children engage in their favorite activities such as arts and crafts, baking and various games.

At this stage, we feel it is important to foster responsibility and independence therefore we take the children’s opinion into consideration and allow them to choose and direct activities. Fridays are our fun evenings as most children have no homework so we can engage in fun activites all evening.

We provide school drop off and collection services to Rochfortbridge, Tyrrellspass and Dalystown schools.

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